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Affect-Based Language Curriculum (ABLC)

Providing therapists, teachers and families a systematic, intensive program based on knowledge of the development of communication and language.

Affect-Based Language Curriculum ABLC

The Affect-Based Language Curriculum (ABLC), Second Edition 

The Affect-Based Language Curriculum (ABLC) provides families, therapists and teachers a systematic, intensive program based on powerful insights and traditional knowledge of the impact of Floortime on the development of communication and language. The curriculum utilizes affect and engagement with pleasurable back-and-forth reciprocal interactions as the foundation for the development of pragmatics and receptive and expressive language.

Co-authored by Stanely I. Greenspan, MD and Diane Lewis, MA, CCC/SLP

If you already own the ABLC but need additional supplemental materials initially provided on a CD-ROM, please purchase a downloadable Zip Drive of all the materials here:

Workshop Recording + Accompanying Materials

Train at your own pace. This six-hour recording and materials from March 2021 provide an introduction to the theoretical and clinical constructs of the Affect-Based Language Curriculum (ABLC), 2nd Edition.  The ABLC DIR/Floor Time with developmentally based Speech-Language Therapy. Sensory Integration, Oral-Motor and AAC are discussed as they support the development of the communication, language and speech skills.

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