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Diane Lewis Speech Therapy


I am Diane Lewis, MA, CCC-SLP and provide the full scope of pediatric Speech-Language Therapy located adjacent to downtown Bethesda, Maryland. I have been a dedicated member of the local therapy community for almost 50 years and am eager to share my wisdom and care with your family. 

It is my mission to provide state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapy, and consultative speech-language services where each child’s individual differences, unique gifts and challenges are taken into account so the child makes the best progress possible. I specialize in working with children from birth through adolescence and have expertise in providing therapy to children with a wide range of developmental delays including autism spectrum, cognitive delays, a variety of syndromes, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, attention deficit/hyperactivity, executive function, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and, seizure disorders.

Training & Background

  • The Affect-Based Language Curriculum (ABLC)

  • Floortime (DIR Model) (Pragmatics/Social Skills)

  • Neurodevelopmental Treat (NDT) Certified

  • Beckman Oral-Motor Therapy


  • Horn and Bubble Programs

  • Feeding Therapy; Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS)

  • Sensory integration as it supports the development of speech and language skills

  • Therapeutic Yoga

  • Music as a facilitator to language development

  • Augmentative and alternative communication: use of visual systems

  • Berard Auditory Integration Training

  • Fast ForWord

  • Earobics

  • Reading; Lindamood-Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing (V/V)

Training & Background
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